Geocaching – one of the best ideas in the world.

okay, first off I want to praise and thank whoever invented geocaching!!…. its one of the best inventions ever, so  incredibly fun for all ages!. I first came across it whilst sat very bored in my works training one day , a girl whom I was sitting next to on our break started to talk about geocaching , I couldn’t get to grips with what she was on about, so I asked her politely to explain .. oh its like a giant treasure hunt she replied .. WOW instantly I was impressed and hooked on the idea of going searching for these ‘geocaches’ even so much so I had her take my on another break to go and find one locally.

basically geocaching is exactly that a huge treasure hunt they can come in all shapes and sizes , they can have swappables in them ( something that you can keep as long as you swap it with something of equal value) they can even have travel bugs in them ( something that has a GPS device in which usually has an aim to get to somewhere but can be tracked at all times all over the world.) you usually have to have an app or a GPS device to join in but itll be one amazing investment because there on in its free !! walking and getting fit have never been so fun.

if anyone wants more info heres the web address : click to join in 🙂 .




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