The dating game …

Once upon a time going out into town and having a few drinks wasn’t about getting so wasted you could barely remember your own name . Now in 2015 this is very much the case and seems to be an overall objective .
I’m 25 and single and I really can’t express how hard it is to find that “special someone” if they really exist , dating sites are probably one of the best ways to go about it these days but I haven’t got a nice word to say about them at the minute (maybe because I’m feeling bitter inside ).
I’ve been on dating sites for a few months now and have had no success , it hard , people are so different when they are stuck behind a screen typing than if you were to have met them face to face right from the beginning meaning that online dating is twice as hard and if your serious about the search you go through twice as many men .. tossing them aside like trash in the bin because you just aren’t compatible.
A few months a go I met a guy let’s for names sake call him James. .. He was lovely, we messaged constantly for a few weeks until we decided to talk on the phone , we laughed , joked and it all just felt so right . So then came the day when we had decided to meet , McDonald’s of all places (I know what your all thinking , classy place right?) We went a walk , chatted a little went back to McDonald’s to get a drink (how romantic) , but there was just no spark, no connection and the exciting stomach churning (no it wasn’t what I had eaten) butterfly feeling I had felt previously had disappeared completely . Hence James and I went on our way and contact fizzled out into nothingness.
The next online date was just too painfully awkward to comprehend so ill save that story for a very rainy day .
So I’m lost , lost in a world of confusion with dating .
The next step is to rent a billboard …. and you think I’m joking !


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