When i was a child….

why is it when your children you think everything’s simple?, you think life tootles by with no effort made , watching dramas on TV just made you think what’s all the fuss about ? it cant be that hard? can it?.

everything seemed to easy back then I had no worry’s non, nothing, nada . I didn’t have to worry about setting my alarm for work, my mum was my alarm for school. Breakfast was made and I was taxied around everywhere not at any one time did a sneaky little ninja worry come karate chopping into my head.

its worrying because your body is growing older and older but your mind never does.. I remember pondering about it thinking I really don’t feel the age I am I thought I would be acting much more sophisticated and adult like … it turns out that image was a complete and utter lie  still feel 10.

I think our society has grown into such a stress, worrying, impatient environment and as times change so do the generations of people …. no wonder people are having early heart attacks, strokes  and are just generally more aggressive people.

we need to as a whole reunite and think of each day as if its our last .. be compassionate , helpful , loving people and all work together instead of against each other!! .

more smiles , more laughter , more happiness…. for all we know we might only live this one life like this s we better all make the most of it 🙂



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