Life… as I know it…

It’s hard to comprehend the reasons of why your life turns out the way it does, but I’ve always lived by the quote everything “happens for a reason.” And although I do times find these words hard to understand; especially when it involves the death of a loved one in always find comfort in this phrase.
So where do I start , you would think with not writing a post for as long as I have that the words would be at the tip of my fingers, well as usual that would be a very false statement to make. So much changed and is changing still to this very day .
My life however seems too be not where I expected or planned it to be when I was ten , in my ten year old head I would be married , a midwife, have my own home oh and have lots of children (oh how naive was i). The older I get the faster life seems to be going and I just haven’t got the much needed control over that as I desire. I feel The pressure even more so as I am seeing my friends and family getting married or engaged , happy with a partner and having children. I’m not jealous but boy am I envious !. This is not how I wanted nor expected my life to pan out , and no matter how hard I try I can’t seem to grasp the basics of life to have what I need so very badly .
Finding my partner and having children ares some of the most important things to me , and even if I don’t find someone to settle down with I will have children by going down the sperm donation  route of things , it’s just something I can’t miss out on !.
Life is as it is and understanding the saying everything happens for a reason helps deal with the trials and tribulations of my life as I know it .


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