Dealing with dementia… my story.

Its horrifying to think it could happen to any of us.. dementia that is , horrifying to think that one day we are ourselves and the next we don’t recognise ever our closest family members its one of the hardest things in life to deal with and come to terms with.

I loved my nana and granddad and would often be at there house in the summer as they lived at a seaside resort , my grandma passed away in the year 1998 this broke my heart I looked up to her so much, she was such a gentle ,pretty, soft lady with fire in her belly when it was called for ,both my granddad and herself met in the war and fell head over heals they were such a handsome match .

soon after my grandma died , my granddad seemed to struggle more and more a couple of years later he was diagnosed with bowel cancer and had a bag fitted to try and help things , my parents took it in turn to care for him along with other family members . it started to become noticeable that he was forgetting things only small things nothing to cause any concern at first but it gradually got worse he started to talk about visiting my grandma that day … he would say strange things an example that always stuck in my mind was when he tried to explain to me that there were stones in his cup of tea or even when he spat his tea at me . it was heart breaking to see my well spoken ,kind , strong granddad break down into someone I started to barley recognise it was even harder to understand as I was so young  . he sadly died in 2000 .

It SCARES me silly , even though I work very closely to those suffering from this horrible debilitating disease its never stopped me from being scared , scared mainly because I can’t predict what’s round the corner of my own or my family’s life, I’ve witnessed many first hand experiences  heart warming but then some harrowing . I’ve had punches thrown at me I’ve been spat at , pinched ,bitten ,scratched and sworn at called names and had my head smashed into a metal bin.

I pray for this disease to be cured so we can all grow old together knowing who we are from start to finish and remembering the beautiful memory’s we have worked so hard to make all our lives .



One thought on “Dealing with dementia… my story.

  1. make a lot of memories in our life. pictures, writings, as the proofs of our life 🙂 I’m sorry for your grand dad.. and yes I hope this disease can be cured in the future..

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