Hello nice to meet you, im the real bridget jones.

pushing all petty silly troubles aside I’m happy … I have a lovely job, a lovely family and a close fantastic network of friends. But there was something missing, something that I couldn’t put my finger on, until I was out on a hen do last week , what the heck am I doing ? , a very familiar pounding of overthinking questions pounded into my head .. where’s my fella? , where the hecks my children, wedding , and hen do? .

slowly doing a full circle glance of the people around me I noted, that they were just about all married or have partners and children and most of them had moved out. and here I am every Friday night glass of wine in hand and a fag in the other slightly overweight and going to more nights out and days out, with couples than singles … oooo shit .

my only difference to the good ole MISS Jones is she had a boss after her and her old childhood neighbour …… I have NEITHER.

I think panic slowly set in and I just wanted to run get away from a overwhelming situation .

I feel like i’m going through a early life crisis I want things that aren’t ready to come to me or are never coming to me , I need to learn patience but being as I was a premature child I think impatience is what i’m made of unfortunately for me its something I have to live with so I guess patience is the way forward it will happen when its all ready too.






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