A letter to the future me …

Dear jess,
Well I hope your ok for starters ! And are living happily. I hope you’ve moved out and met someone nice … I so hope you’ve become slightly more responsible with your money missy! , I hope you’ve got Tiny little tiddlers running you around a driving you crazy ( in a good way) . I hope you’ve seen more of the world places that have opened your eyes and your heart .. I hope you still make visits back to mum and dads and I hope you tell them everyday how much they mean to you and that you love them!! . I hope you still spend time with your best friend and your sister these two people are priceless amazing people never stop loving them !.

I hope you’ve grown patience ! , I hope your married to a man not only you love but that’s your best friend also .
I hope your happy and healthy and thouse Around you are too!.
Xxxxxx stay smiling chicka


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