Where do I begin …

Well my two weeks off work have just disappeared .
I’ve spent most of my time socialising with friends I don’t often get to see , due to hectic work schedules and attending the best wedding I’ve ever been too.
But most of all I’ve spent time looking after my best friends animals and boy have they kept me on my toes. Two cats one pregnant and two dogs , one being a 7 month old puppy , boy oh boy .. when I offered to do this I didn’t realise just what I’d taken on ! . Let me introduce you.
Milo dog 🙂 . Believe it or not a beautiful rescue.

Lyla the 7 month old German Shepard.

Loki (the god of mischief) he like to think he’s the head of the crew.

And last but not least introducing lady Lola .

All gorgeous all wonderful . But bring feeding time or walking time into the equation and boy are you in trouble ! .
I’ve spent majority of my time nursing scratch marks off the kitties and sowing my arm back on after it’s repeatedly torn off by lyla every time we go on ventures .
All in all I can safely say I’m not ready of a husky a German Shepard or two cats ( not that I was ever contemplating it ). But it’s been a lovely eye opening experience.


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