I’m a google doctor .. How can I help …

I’m one of these people who hates going to the doctors, I literally only go when I have too. Don’t ask me why it’s just how I am .. There’s something about sitting in a doctors surgery
or being in a hospital that makes my nerve endings shake involuntary.
So I’ve taken up a new profession … I somehow think I’m a google doctor . So it started with a small pain after eating and during , it was a buggy pain and after a week of still having it panic set in .
The big C word circled,turned and entwined in my thoughts .
So I ventured onto the trusty google.
I managed to diagnose myself with a multitude of things as follows :
– oesophageal cancer
– stomach cancer
– Gerd
-signs of lung cancer .
What the heck my head spinning , tears bubbling up .. I instantly started thinking about how my family will deal with this . How bad I don’t want to leave this earth yet , I haven’t got children a partner , I’ve not been married , I’m not where I want to be in life. , all the pretty places I will miss out on seeing .
I bought my concerns up with many close people who some have had very similar things to me and all say it’s acid reflux .. So tip of the day don’t I internet diagnose , they bring up the worst possible scenarios !! Which. Can leave you torturing yourself ! Like I did myself!
Stay cool , take. Trip to the docs !!


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