Care homes … Picking isn’t easy

Unfortunately due to today’s sick society and the select few people whom think that it’s socially acceptable to harm innocent people , both physically and mentally has given the care industry a bad name .
I can only reassure you it’s not all like that.
I can only sympathise with people who have no other option but to place a loved one in 24/7 care .. After all the horror story’s , why wouldn’t you worry?.
But not all of us are sadistic demons!.
I have worked in care for most of my life. I started off working in childcare , and the progressed onto working with the elderly and now I work with people whom have profound learning disabilities. All my jobs have given me some of the most rewarding experiences in my life!.
So despite the negativity and the branding of all care workers , I’m here to help reassure and offer a few tips that will hopefully ease worries and make choosing the right care home a lot easier.
Don’t be frightened , it’s so daunting but your not alone.
– write down any questions before you go … Seriously anything and don’t be afraid to ask them ! Anybody that has a heart will understand how important this is for you and your family.
-talk to other staff members. Don’t feel obliged to stick with the manager because they are showing you around. It is important you and your loved one feel comfortable with these people.
– look around, are the other residents being interacted with ? , do they look neat and tidy and well looked after ?. Don’t get me wrong sometimes there might be an odd person that may look slightly unkept , they might have refused a shower or even a change of clothes , but if 90% of the people look like they have just walked in homeless off the street , there’s a problem that needs solving.
– talk about activities , do they go out ? .. If so how often ? . Do they have an activities rota? And is it carried through ? .
– what’s the appearance of the home like ? , does it smell ? . In my experience and personal opinion there is no excuse for a home to smell . That’s what cleaning products and the right surfaces in the right rooms are for .
– what is the good like ? , ask to see menus. Is the food healthy and nutritious ? , is there more than one choice ? , what happens if they don’t like anything on the menu? .
– is there enough staff on for the amount of people in the home ? , when people Ask for the toilet are they being told to wait or taken right away ? .
No matter what home your loved one goes to live in , the quality of the care and home should be the same through and through , and care should be delivers of the highest quality .
If there are any concerns at all for anybody the CQC should be contacted immediately .
I hope this has helped … Don’t be afraid your never alone.


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