Ghosts … My story.

Have you ever been so frightened you can’t move?.
Well that happened to me many many times.
It all started when I was about 7-8 years old, one regular night like most scary films start I went to bed everything was normal tea , bath and then good nights by mum and dad little did I know it was a start to a long series of uncomfortable nights that sadly and terrifyingly went on for months.
I closed my eyes and comfortably wiggled my toes into my slumber something I’d always done and still to this day do .. I drifted off into dream land or was it ? , I was at the bottom of my stairs peering up onto my landing into my bathroom , I wasn’t alone harrowingly there was a a figure standing in the doorway I couldn’t see her face but I knew it was a woman .. A women I didn’t recognise . The fear paced through my body and I remember just wanting to wake up , I did and just lay there eyes open breathing heavy , glad it was over , I started to close my eyes getting comfy again and reassuring myself I was ok there’s no such thing as ghosts I repeated this cliche sentence over and over until my eyes prised open again , but this time it wasn’t because of a nightmare it was because I had just had an icy cold prod on my shoulder …. Fear had frozen every muscle in my body and the air was cool , I no longer felt safe I needed to move I wanted to race to my parents room and was literally next door , I slowly slid under my sheets and instantly felt safe being hidden in my cocoon of sheets , I finally peeled myself away from my safe hidden space and ran to my parents room instantly feeling safe again I burst into tears each tear was a sign of relief to see familiarity in there faces .
After I calmed I explained and my dad jumped in my bed whilst mum cuddles my tight , reassuring me and sending me into a safe slumber once more.
The next morning it wasn’t talked about or questioned , but that evening the same uncomfortable scenario landed me in my safe place again ( my mum and dads room).
This went on for months and my mum after talking to her years later had just put it down too bad dreams and had thought nothing of it until the icy cold poking and tapping started to inhabit her life and her dreams … Things started to get worse and my parents felt the need to call in a vicar who blessed the house … After that it went , I call it , it because I don’t know what it was although I do assume it was a female .
Needless to say I spent many year after sleeping with my light on and that was after i felt confident enough to even go back in my room .


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