The hen and her chicks …

A few months teetered by without me noticing and before I knew it I was at yet another amazing hen do .. Apart from this time I was the organiser .. Eek how exciting , my thoughts flew into overdrive and after a few , when I say a few I actually mean a thousand ideas got crossed off the list I came to a reasonable affordable idea.
So In the morning the bride to be was blindfolded put in a car and driven to a secret destination with her three gorgeous bridesmaids , we sat and had champs and a breakfast fairy tale picnic it was blissfully beautiful ! .Then we all went our separate ways to get ready for the main events . we then toddled off to her mummy’s where we had many many cocktails and drinks , chatted , laughed and played many games . After we had a diner reservation at a gorgeous little restaurant, the food was amazing serving lamb tageine , vegetable tageine , rice, mixed meat platters , balsamic pizza with goats cheese and rocket . Yum the list is endless . then the suprise arrived a look alike captain jack sparrow who was equally as yummy as the real Jonny Depp .
To be honest it was a night I never thought could be pulled together after my first initial trouble with ideas but it went down a treat , the bride to be was so happy with the outcome and after dressing her up in fairy wings , giving her whistles and a sash she really felt the part 🙂 .


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