Nannying my first steps out in the real world …

I started my working life off working in a private day nursery, I loved it but after a year I started to get itchy feet I was 18 and the world was my oyster I wanted to get out of the UK and see some of the world I was yet to experience . I trawled the internet looking for jobs abroad and up popped a Nanning/au pair site popped up , curiosity got the better of me and one click later I was in a world of people looking for people to come and look after there house and there children  from all over the world, many many curious emails later I had got job offers from Canada to Australia , I was like a child in a sweet shop not knowing which one to pick .

a few months drifted by still keeping in contact with the family’s that were keen to have me , but it seemed it wasn’t going to be as easy as I thought it was going to be , the visa process is a lengthy process especially for Australia and for anybody that knows me they will tell you I’m damn right impatient , when something’s in my head I have to do it there and then and so I did.

before I knew it I was heading off on a plane for the first time ever to Ireland , I was alone … that was it thoughts buzzed round my head , my eyes welled up . the good old what ifs came back … what if they don’t meet me at the airport? , what if I hate it? these thoughts continued to haunt me until I landed . once I had landed I walked round to fetch my large polka dot suitcase and wheeled it off to arrivals   … I looked around a few scraggly looking men and a few people drinking there first pint of Guinness before leaving the airport… my first thought was where the heck did they get that from?  I quite need a large stiff drink before I go anywhere. my second was where are they? , they weren’t there my heart started to pound in my chest , my palms went cold and clammy and I started to pick at my nails (nervous tick) , a few texts and phone calls later they pulled up late … I sighed the biggest sigh of relief and walked over to greet the family.

I spent a lovely few months over there the money wasn’t great and I started to feel very lonely .. I had thrown myself in at the deep end caring non stop for four lovely children … the long hours were draining in the end and unfortunately I ended up back at home but it was one of the best experience’s ever I’m so glad I pushed myself to do it and  gain independence I had craved and seen a beautiful part of the world .

If anyone was ever to ask should they do it ? YES 100% YES it can be life changing 🙂



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